Are Schools Opening in San Diego?

Are schools opening in San Diego?

There is a lot of conversation swirling around regarding the upcoming school year for San Diego students and parents. When will San Diego schools open? What to expect? What do parents and students need to know about going back to school in San Diego? 

For the latest inside scoop on the San Diego Unified school district schedule and more, continue reading. 

Moving To San Diego

So you're moving to the Golden State, or you're already here relocating from another town or district. The appeal of San Diego is calling your name, from the golden sands of Coronado to the icy waters of the pacific. The movers have arrived, your boxes are packed there's just one more thing on your to-do list to check off.

What about the kids? Where will they go to school?

How are San Diego schools handling the Covid-19 pandemic?

After a year away from traditional in-person learning, many parents want to know what happens next? 

What about Covid-19

Due to the increasing availability of the Covid-19 vaccine, San Diego County has seen a decline in Covid-19 cases. 

The San Diego Unified reopening plan provides a series of safety protocols that have been put in place to ensure students and faculty remain safe. Each school uses a reopening safety checklist. The checklist provides a review of equipment and procedures available. 

Additionally, a generalized focus on good hygiene practices is encouraged throughout the San Diego Unified school district. Handwashing & sanitizer stations are provided on each campus. 

Frequent Covid-19 testing is available for asymptomatic students at schools throughout the district. 

A New School Experience for San Diego Schools

While there is still much we don't know regarding Covid-19, we know that San Diego Unified school district is working diligently to ensure a quality education for every child in San Diego. 

During the initial reopening phase in April 2021, more students returned to the classroom than expected. Schools came up with the solution of "overflow" rooms or, as the district refers to as learning labs. Students were able to watch their instructors via zoom. 

Are Schools Opening in San Diego?

San Diego Unified school district welcomed students back on April 12, 2021, as part of the San Diego Unified reopening plan. Although going back to school in San Diego was much different than before, there was much celebration and excitement around campuses across the district.

After a turbulent year of zoom classes and the ever lingering presence of Covid-19, a sense of normalcy was welcomed by all.

According to the San Diego Unified school district calendar, the traditional 2021-2022 school year will begin on Monday, August 30th. 

Schoolficials are optimistic about the upcoming school year throughout the San Diego Unified school district campuses, ready to welcome back students for full-time in-person learning.

Virtual instruction will still be available to those families that prefer the distance learning option.

Going Back To School In San Diego

If you have recently relocated to San Diego or are considering the area, rest assured that greatness awaits both in the classroom and beyond. From the island in the hills known as Tierrasanta or the inviting beaches of Lajolla, San Diego is a magical place to raise a family. 

If someone asks, "Are schools opening in San Diego"?

You can answer them confidently, pandemic or not; San Diego Unified school district is ready to prepare your child for academic success.

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