Here's Why You'll Want to Buy Oceanside Real Estate Now

Oceanside real estate is still a hot commodity.

San Diego County reports 13,000 more residents in 2019 over 2018.  The upward trend continues.

At the same time, the adage, "they aren't making more land," still holds.

Oceanside is home to three miles of beautiful coastline and countless outdoor activities. People desire the beach lifestyle. Investing in a home this year is a smart choice.

Reduced competition for desirable properties means that you can find the right place to call home at the right price. How do you find a place that has everything you want?

Read on to learn more.

Why Choose Oceanside Real Estate?

You can find Oceanside at the northernmost tip of San Diego and just south of Orange County. This central location gives excellent access to work and entertainment in both counties. The mentioned 3 miles of coastline offer views, sunset walks, sand, surf, and more.

On top of the central location and lifestyle, Oceanside offers a variety of housing and investment options. Townhomes, condos, and houses enter the market daily. New construction projects offer beachside or suburban living.

Oceanside includes beachfront and suburban living. The Pier, Old Downtown, or the equestrian Jeffries Ranch offer different experiences. Compare and contrast homes in the private St. Malo (established 1929) subdivision with more modern Rancho de Oro houses.

Oceanside Life

Oceanside is home to around 176,000 people. Around one-third of the population is over the age of 55. Married adults make up the bulk of the community. Children under the age of 18 make up less than 25% of the residents.

Nearby Camp Pendleton houses 42,000 active-duty personnel, with approximately 38,000 of their family members living off base. Also, nearly 77,000 military retirees live nearby and still enjoy base privileges. 

Oceanside enjoys a mild climate all year. Zero snow days and 266 sunny days per year tempt East Coast visitors and Midwesterners. The average daily temperature in July is a balmy 76F, while the lows of the chilliest January might average 41F. Ocean temperatures hover in the mid-70s.

Parents and Kids Love Oceanside

Oceanside is home to some excellent public schools, including the top-rated Santa Margarita Elementary in the Oceanside Unified District and Mission Vista in the Vista Unified District. Charter and private schools round out educational choices.

The community hosts many outdoor activities and amusements. Miles of bike paths, public parks, hiking trails, and of course, water activities attract families. There's the pier, windsurfing, sailing, skating, and more.

There are museums like the Model Train Museum at Heritage Park or the Oceanside Museum of Art. Indoor trampoline, rock-climbing or even skydiving are an option for more active play.  Oceanside only averages 38 rainy days per year, so indoor amusements are a choice, not a necessity!

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Now

For real estate in Oceanside, you only need to look at the value of property over the last decade or so. Despite market downturns and doomsayers, buying real estate in Oceanside has proven to show positive returns. A home purchased just a few years ago is still worth more now than it was.

Mortgage rates continue to be at record lows. Borrowing money has never been so inexpensive. On the other hand, all-cash buyers are at a distinct advantage to scoop up best buys.

Inventories of Oceanside homes for sale continue to remain steady to rising. Single-family homes are especially tempting. Whether you plan on purchasing a home for yourself or renting to others, now is a great time to buy.

Opportunities in Investment

Tourism is one of the leading industries in San Diego County. Oceanside's central location makes it popular. Attractions like Legoland and Disneyland are only a short drive away.

Many past investors looked to Oceanside to capture tourist dollars. While the short-term, temporary rental market (think Airbnb) is in a shambles, buying and occupying your own home offers a great way to invest. Although no one can promise returns, a 50-year look at San Diego County shows that home values rise in the long term.

"House-hacking" as popularized by some investment sites, means occupying your home and partially or fully subsidizing your mortgage through rent. Oceanside university student or senior housing shares are an excellent way to "hack" some income from your investment. Commuters and temporary residents as well.

For steady rental income, military families and local workers keep the rental market stable.  Purchase a home now to meet your future needs. You can then rent out your excess space until you need it.

Look at Long Term Advantages

Experts say Oceanside is still a growing community and will continue on this trend for some time. Beachside living is a desirable lifestyle, and geography limits the supply of beach housing. Whether you invest in single- or multi-family property, Oceanside historically offers annual appreciation in value. If you plan on living in your own home, think of the advantages of the community vibe, great people, and convenient location. Enjoy it all and have that investment grow in value every year.

If you are investing in rental property, look at the favorable demographics, steady rental demand, and rising rents. The mild climate also means less maintenance for your property compared to a building in Boise or Little Rock, for example.

A home purchase now builds wealth for the future. Take advantage of low mortgage rates to secure low monthly payments that do not change.

Let a Professional Help You

Invest in Oceanside real estate for your own use or rental investment. We can help you find the best properties to meet your needs, whether you are looking for single-family homes, condos, or townhouses. 

Let us help you meet your goals with speed, discretion, and professional service. We can assist you with your search using innovative technologies and a deep understanding of the Oceanside market.

Contact us today!

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