San Diego Schools: Where to Send Your Kids When You Move to San Diego

Are you considering moving to San Diego and wondering where to get started looking for the best schools for your children?

You can't really go wrong in this part of the world. San Diego has an excellent educational record, with 88% of adults having achieved at least a high school education or more.

Here's the low down on San Diego schools to help you make the right choice for your children.

San Diego's Finest Elementary Schools

Elementary schools in San Diego fall into 23 different districts across the county. No matter where you decide to live in San Diego, you're bound to find an excellent school near you.

These are some of the top-rated schools in this area:

Deer Canyon Elementary School

This excellent public elementary school has just 457 students in grades K-5. The student-teacher ratio is just 26 to 1, and over 88% of students are proficient in reading, and 87% of students boast above-average math scores. 

The school offers a huge array of sports including basketball, baseball, field hockey, gymnastics, and more. Other activities include ceramics sculpture, band, computer arts, and chorus. 

Deer Canyon Elementary School serves the Poway District of San Diego metro. There are plenty of other highly ranked schools in this area too, so it's a top choice for families moving to San Diego.

Solana Highlands Elementary School

Another school that scores an A+ among students and parents alike, Solana Highlands has a very low student-teacher rating of just 18 to 1. Only 298 children attend this school from grades K to 3. 

Test scores at this school are way above the national average with 95% of children boasting proficiency in math and 86% in English. The school offers a full range of sports activities as well as specialized technology, science, and art programs. 

You'll find Solana Highlands Elementary School in the Del Mar area of San Diego. 

The Best High Schools in San Diego

Likewise, San Diego offers an outstanding choice of over 50 places for high school students to excel. Most high schools in the area have a great range of sports and other extramural activities on offer. They also provide all the guidance young students need if they want to further their education. 

These are a few of the best ones:

River Valley Charter

Almost 80% of the students at River Valley Charter take at least one Advanced Placement exam before graduating, and over 57% of them pass these challenging tests. The school also boasts a graduation rate of 95%. 

River Valley Charter caters to 245 students and has a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1. The school accepts students from grades 7 to 12. Sports on offer include track and field, baseball, volleyball, golf, and swimming. Students also get to take part in music, choir, and robotics extramural activities.

River Valley Charter's located in Lakeside, San Diego

La Jolla High

La Jolla High's graduation rate is 985, with 74% of students taking an AP exam and over 63% passing that exam. This popular high school has over 1500 students and a teacher-student ratio of 24 to 1.

Activities up for grabs at La Jolla High include cross country running, football, baseball, and tennis among others. The school is the Alma Mater of many famous sports stars including Olympians Eric Hedlin and Karin Smith, as well as the actress Racquel Welch. 

The school also offers a host of extra services such as special education in reading and math, learner support, 6 college courses, and AVID classes. As expected, you'll find this school in the prestigious La Jolla neighborhood.

San Diego Private Schools

If you're looking for private school education in San Diego for your children, you'll find no shortage of options. Private schools in this area cater to both day scholars and boarders. 

These are the top two in San Diego:

The Bishops School

The Bishops School's affiliated with the Episcopal Church but accepts children from all denominations and backgrounds. Over 20% of students receive financial aid for their studies.

The school boasts 71 sports teams as well as diverse arts programs focussed on dance, theatre, and music as well as photography and animation. Sports on offer include athletics, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, water polo, and swimming. 

Bishops School has a student ratio of 9 to 1 and small class sizes of up to 14 students. 

Francis Parker School

Francis Parker School educated children from grades K to 12, in small supportive classes with no more than 16 students per class. The teacher-student ratio is 1 to 9 at this to rated private school. 

The school places a very high emphasis on counseling and preparing students for life after school, and Parker students enrolled in 72 different universities and colleges at the end of last year. 

Sports on offer at Francis Parker School include basketball, football, track and field, volleyball, and more. Arts programs include theatre, dance, music, and design. 

Applying to San Diego Schools

Every school has its own application process, so it's best to make a shortlist of your top choices and contact them directly to find out more.

It's a good idea to visit each one personally before making your choice though. Take your children along with you to help you decide. After all, they're the ones who'll spend most of their time there.

During these visits, you'll also get a chance to view the neighborhoods nearby, as well as what's on offer in the area. 

Get Your Move in Motion Today 

Great schools are just one of the many reasons to follow through with your plans to move to San Diego. 

Now that you're certain of your children's education, you need to find somewhere to live close to all the best San Diego schools. We've got an excellent selection of houses for sale within easy reach of all the best schools.

Get in touch and we'll help you find the perfect one for you. 

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